What you should know

The Batibo Council has five different services headed by a service head. It should be noted that we are the first council in Momo Division to implement the organigram of the council as instructed by the Ministerial Order of 2009. The services are: General Affairs Service, Financial and Economic Service, Hygiene and Sanitation Service, technical and Urban Development service and Communication, Public Relations and Private Secretariat.

General Affairs Service

This service is headed by Mr. Che Franklin Mulunji and he is in charge of the general affairs of the council under the general affairs service, we have the civil status, secretariat, mails and dispatch, cleaners and drivers. So for those who need to utilize this service especially for the issuance of certificates (Birth, marriages and death) this service is of vital importance to them. The general cleaning of the office and the mailing/ filing system of the office is managed by this service.

Finance and Economic Service

This service is headed by Mr. Jespa Tembeng who also is the Council Finance Officer and is directly under the control of the Municipal Treasurer who is appointed by the government. The service is in charge of collection of all revenue due the council each and recovery of taxes and levies equally meant for the council. The cashier or expenditure recovery officer, the tax clerk, the treasury clerks and revenue collectors fall in under this service. Equally too is the Finance clerk who links the treasury to the mayor’s office. The sale of communal stamps is equally done by this service.

Hygiene and Sanitation Service

This service is head by Mr. Njei Cornelius who is a government worker sent to the council. He has other support staff assigned to him by the council. This service is responsible for the cleanliness of the town and the general welfare of the municipality. The inspection of the hygienic level of the municipality through compound visits. This is when the toilets and the general surroundings of compounds are checked. Equally the control of stray animals and the general cleanup campaign organized every 1st Tuesday of the month is done by this service.

Technical and Urban Development Service

This service is head by Mr. Ngoh John who also is the Chief of Works of the council and also has the council development officer and support staff. It is responsible for the drawing up of feasibility studies of projects to be carried out by the council and other donors, the co