Tingwei – Benefits the Construction of Tingwei Bridge and Water Supply as fall outs of decentralization.

Every community that has water has life for water is life. The community of Tingwei in Tiben is the first to benefit from projects sponsored by decentralized credits. The construction of the Tingwei water supply scheme and the construction of the Tingwei bridge were projects selected for funding in 2015. the modalities for their execution were only spelt out in 2016 so their execution started in late 2016 as neither water construction nor bridge takes place in the rainy season.

The two projects executed by the council costs 45.000.000frs with taxes. The water construction consisted of a 2912m pipe line, two spring catchments, a 20m3 storage tank and six stand taps. The bridge on the other measures 3.5m in height, 5m in span and 5m width. It is suspended on IPE400 beams

For now the water project has been handed to the community officially for management. The water management committee has been put in place as the trial period to check for leakages and correction done.  The water does not only serve the Tingwei Community but the people from Guka who suffer water crises when CDE fails equally find refuge here in times of need.


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