Councilors / Committees

The councilor of Batibo Councilors were voted in September 2013 and these councilors work in various committees. There are six of these committees and are:

1) The Finance and Economic Development Committee
This committee consist of Mbah Eric as the Chair, Mudoh Marcus as the Vice chair, Wandeh Valentine as the Secretary. The members are Tepi Maurice, Njeck Atud Pius and Nyah Raymond.
This committee is charged with the examination of the budget of the council for each and the administrative account before they are presented to the councillors in session. Apart from this key role, the committee equally assist and advise the council executives in matters of economic development and the fight against poverty. The management of markets, bus stations, slaughter houses and organization of local trade fairs fall under the domains of this committee.

2) The Territorial and Sustainable Development Committee
The councillors in this committee are Forkwa Vincent as the chair, Simon Acha as the vice, Iverse Ticha as secretary. The members are Tingwei Abraham, Nyandong Cletus and Ayang Augustine
The committee is in-charge of the execution of council investment plans, the development of socio-economic infrastructure such as water supplies, water points, wells, etc. the construction of culverts, bridges, creation and rehabilitation of farm to market roads, community halls, warehouses, etc. the committee also plans council action in relation to community mobilization for local development with the natural resource committee in the areas of support to communities for local planning, promotion of VDAs and management of community education and action centers. Preparation of town planning documents and concerted development, urban rehabilitation and land consolidation plans also fall under this committee including the issuance and naming of streets, public squares industrial zones and public edifices.

3) Natural Resource Committee
The committee is headed by Akwang Gabriel as chair, Nuhu Haruna as vice chair, Ngwa Jespa as secretary while the members are Tingom Felix, Fon Florence and Mbatifuh Thomas.
The committee is charged with the monitoring of council’s activities in the areas of agricultural production and rural development activities through participation in the acquisition of seeds and pesticides, development of rural mini infrastructure. The monitoring and protection of various agricultural sectors also falls under its domain. The committee assist the executives in the creation and management of cattle markets, stock breeding infrastructure, technical and veterinary centers and agro-pastoral spheres.

4) Health and Environment Committee
This committee has as chair Asanya Isaac, Akum Henry as vice chair and Forgole Martha as secretary. The members include Werewum Maurice, Atanjang Godlove and Mbi Lucas.
The committee is charged with the sanitary inspection of homes, business establishment and environment, drawing up and implementation of a public health policy. The organization and functioning of public health establishment falls under their competence while the technical control of private health structures. The committee assist in laying down and controlling of the building equipping and maintenance of specific standards in hospitals. Lastly the drawing up and updating of the health map falls under their domain.

5) Culture and Social Action Committee
This committee is chaired by Njei Timah Philip, Adong Beatrice as the vice chair and Forka Vicotrine as the secretary. The members are Temban Isaac, Tekom Samuel and Mbah Fidelis.
The committee is charged with the organization of open door days, national cultural days as well as design, implement and evaluate the national policy on cultural promotion and development as well as national integration. The committee equally is in charge of organizing and coordinating relief efforts for the needy, propose ways of the upkeep and management of social advancement and re-integration centers and is in charge of the social welfare activities of the council.

6) Education, Youth and Animation Committee
The committee is headed by Akuro Rosaline as chair, Che Njeck Peter as vice chair, Wenong Caleben as secretary. The members are Bangu Thaddeus, Tenoh Lawrence and Emmanuel Mondi
The committee is charged with the drawing up of the school map, acquiring materials to schools, maintenance of school infrastructure and all activities in relation to the youths. The committee equally sees the recruitment of teachers by the council and the running of council’s own school(s).