The year 2017 had been a sad year in the history of Batibo Council. The council lost two councillors, former mayor Mbahtifuh Thomas Mbacheck and Councillor Asanya Isaac Teche.

The Late Mbahtifuh died on February 12th 2017 and was buried 0n 30th March 2017 at his home in Enyoh. He was the first elected mayor for Batibo Council ruling the council from 1996 to 2007 and he started the ruler ship of the SDF party at the helm of Batibo Council. Some key projects he carried out included the purchase of a tipper for the council, working with development organizations such as SNV, MPDL Extremadura to improve on the livelihood of the population. He equally is credited with the start of the planting of trees within the municipality. He died a career teacher.

Councillor Asanya Isaac died on November 1st 2017 and was buried November 9th 2017 in Ewai Village. He was the chairman of the Health and Environment Committee of the council and was in his second term as councillor form Ewai Village. He fought hard for the studies of the Ewai Fombe road to be done and included in the council’s priority project. Just at a time when the community needed him the most for the mobilization of resources towards the payment for the contribution needed for the project to be carried out, he passed on. He died an active militant of the SDF party and a career teacher.

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