The Batibo Council was created in 1977 and went operational on July 1st 1977. It was formally under the South West Federation Native Authority of Bamenda Division before 1960, Bamenda-Widikum Council between 1960-1972, Widikum Area/Rural council between 1972/1977 and its full autonomy in 1977 as Batibo Rural Council.

The council upon creation was administered by the Municipal Administrator S.B. Diffang and at the same time DO Batibo. Fon G.T Mba II was the first to rule the council under the banner of a local administrator but not cumulating as DO Batibo.

So far the Council has been governed by five Municipal Administrators and five Mayors. The SDF took control of the Council in 1996 till date. The Council has 41 Councillors drawn from local constituencies representing zones. The current administration of the council was voted during the September 30th 2013 Municipal Elections.

The Council is headed by the Mayor with 4 assitants and two government officials, the Municipal Treasurer and Secretary General. Batibo Council has the following departments: Treasury, works/town planning, sanitation, civil status, communication and general affairs. These departments are supervised by the various heads and accounts rendered to the Mayor.

The council area is made up of 22 automomous villages with many growing communities and has a population of well over 70.000 inabitamts living on a surface area of 419.5 square kilometers. agriculture remians the main stay of the population with food crops such as cocoyams, plantains etc produced.

As a decentralized local collectivity body, the council generates its local revenue from the sale of market tolls, transit fees, global tax, sanitation fine among others. The main source of revenue remains the government credits sent through FEICOM. However other revenue sources are being exploited to improve on the local collection. For expenditure, social projects are the most projects funded but for the past three years, the center has been the opening or rehabilitation road.

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