Councillors Adopt the Council Development Plan (CDP) of Batibo Council

Councillors of Batibo Council meeting in an ordinary session extended to sectorals have adopted the Council development Plan (CDP) of Batibo Council. The session chaired by the mayor Tanjoh Fridrick Tetuh in the presence of the SDO for Momo and PNDP North west brought together stakeholders in the development sector to validate what the Local Support Organization has done with regards to updating the CDP for Batibo municipality.

The CDP is a blue print of the development aspirations of the council, containing projects and possible local solutions to the concerned communities. Presenting the CDP to the session, ACTWID – Kongazem, the LSO said, the methodology prescribed by PNDP was strictly followed and the CDP presented had priority projects for all the 22 villages. These projects includes 5 social projects and 3 investment (infrastructural projects). To facilitate the funding of projects, village ranking was done suing the project matrix. The CDP will aid in development and the SDO for Momo said projects to be funded shall only be taken from the CDP in the years ahead.

Batibo Council mayor on his part thanked the PNDP for the funding and for braving the odds during the crisis to see that the project is completed and received. In the words of the PNDP representative Pascal Kolo, the present situation in the region is termed a crisis period and the CDP is a vital tool needed in such a period for projects. He expressed satisfaction that the CDP though last validated amongst the 17 they sponsored was well done. It is now left for validation by the SDO Momo for it to be put into use this year. It shall be the project bank of the Council.

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