The 2015 Administrative Accounts of the Mayor of Batibo Council have been adopted. The Adoption took place in April 2016 during the Administrative Accounts Session. With 39 councillors in attendance, the mayor, Tanjoh Fridrick in his address informed councillors of the state of affairs in 2015, listing the projects the council was able to carry out varying from BIP projects through council social projects to investment projects. He equally informed councillors that the council was able to pay debts to the tune of twenty four million francs. As to the finances, the council was able to generate 394.678.333frs (three hundred and ninety four million six hundred and seventy eight thousand three hundred and thirty three francs) as revenue and 354,418,203frs (three hundred and fifty four million four hundred and eighteen thousand two hundred and three francs) as expenditure. Some of the reasons the mayor outlined as to the increase was the improvement in collection techniques from the revenue collectors. As to some of the key projects, the mayor made it known to councillors that the tarring of the Guzang Market road was a fall out of the Trans- African Highways same with the Akoyah Relaxation and touristic site in Tiben. These projects he said have been technically received pending provisionary reception by the Minster of Public Works. The issue of the payment of salaries to Mayors and Deputy Mayors was equally discussed with the Member of Parliament Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam explaining the  September 2015 Presidential Decree and why its yet to be operational. In all the councillors were satisfied with the state of affairs for 2015 and adopted the accounts as presented while calling on the mayor to improve on revenue collection as the CAC sent by the government cannot be enough to pay all council commitments.

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