he Batibo Council is already benefitting from the fruits of a partnership reached with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). This as two workers have been sent to work with Batibo Council for a period of two years. Kim Garam a teacher is teaching arts and crafts in GS Wumukan for a start while So Weon (San) a development officer is working directly with the technical department of the council. For her time with the council she will do an analysis of the development needs of the council and propose possible projects that KOICA will sponsor.

In 2015, working in collaboration with PNDP, Batibo Council benefited from the construction of the Ekan Vegetable Market with 5 closed up sheds, 10 open sheds, a meat sales slab with three compartments, a VIP toilet.. The Council has for the past three years with PNDP benefitted from the construction of 6 classrooms and equipping them with benches, supply of medical equipment to the Batibo Health District, facilitation of the drawing of the Council Development Plan among others.

Equally in a briefing held in the office of the 1st Deputy Mayor on 25th May 2016, the council will likely be benefitting from the construction of a Council Hotel, the construction of the Kozoh Gowi road, the opening of the Ewai – Fombe Road and the construction of a yam storage house in Batibo. These will be the fruits of a good working relationship between Mayor Tanjoh Fridrick and the PNDP administration and the good governance policy he is practicing.

In the fields of seeing that all are involve in the development process, Batibo Council has dedicated two of her workers to work with the CBCHS Bamenda under the SEEPD for the disable. This project is aimed at integrating persons with disability into the main stream and budgeting for them in the council budget. The partnership is still at the level of trainings. Another partnership signed is with ADEID for the management of the Kuruku mini Hydro Electricity supply. This agreement was signed on April 15th 2016 alongside other councils that benefitted from sponsorship. Under this agreement, the council is to set up management committee that will sit to manage to the project amongst others.

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