Batibo Council Goes Industrial, Owns and Operate a Soap Factory

Ripping the fruits of cooperation with the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), Batibo Council now owns and runs the Koica – Batibo Council (KBC) soap factory located at Mbunjei along the Batibo Bamenda Highways.

The initiative of creating a soap factory came when the idea of adding value to the palm oil was brought up by the KOICA Volunteer So Weon who had been sent to serve with the council for developmental purposes.  Seeing that Batibo Municipality has 21 of the 22 villages with oil palms and with production quantities that could sustained a soap factory, there was the need to transform the oil into soap and give back to the communities and beyond a product made with their own oil.

Plans for the creation of the factory started in March 2017 when the KOICA Volunteer visited the Shiloh factory in Kumbo to see how things are done and gain experience to implement one in Batibo. The idea for the creation of the factory was acceptable and deemed sustainable by the KOICA Office in Yaoundé so the equipment were supplied to Batibo Council in April 2017.

With the current crisis that have affected the revenue situation of most enterprises, the council ran into difficulties of keeping its own part of the convention till Late December when its own part that included providing a housing structure for the factory and some raw materials was achieved.

On the part of KOICA Cameroon, they were happy the council could host to of their volunteers for two years without any conflict of interest and in the end a resounding mark is kept at a result of the good cooperation. The first project which KOICA sponsored was the creation of a processing mill for Achuh soup spices with a drier and grinding mill. This project though on a small scale has its products in the markets in Batibo and beyond

KBC Soap is produced in 400g sold at a retail of 250 FRS and 200g sold at 150 FRS. The whole price is 13,500 FRS for the 400gX60 carton. The soap is produced at 72% extra. The factory operating at full capacity will be able to produced 450 cartons a week of six days.

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