Batibo Council learning from the Kumbo Council has created eleven thousand tree nursery to grow trees for the future. The nursery composing of Mahogany, Prunus Africana, pines, fitchuk, ornamental palms and jacaranda is found at the new council premises. To the mayor, the time has come for the council to take active part in the fight against climate change by planting trees for the future. This is not just planting trees but trees of economic or social value. In all these trees will be distributed to some schools and the others planting on the council lands. It should be noted that for 2016, Batibo Council will be benefitting for the planting of 7.000 trees with funding from BIP. This will be done at the council land in Kuruku and the Guzang water shed. In 2015 some 2500 trees where distributed for the protection of water supply catchments and the environment.

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