Batibo Council adopts the 2018 Budget

The 2018 draft budget of Batibo Council was presented to councilors in the last budget session of 22nd November 2017. The budget that stands at 623million francs in revenue and expenditure witness a drastic drop of over 300 million francs from the 2017 budget. Batibo Council mayor presenting the budget to councillors sitting in session said it was time for the council to be realistic in budgeting and taking into consideration local realities, the budget had to be dropped. The budget has recurrent expenses——and investment at …….. The main source of revenue for the 2018 financial year will be from FEICOM through additional council taxes and transferred resources from the state for project (PIB 2018). In comparative analysis, the budget is as follows:

Councillors unanimously adopting the budget equally adopted the deliberations for the sale of shares at the KBC soap factory when it fully goes operational.

Apart from the budget, the 2018 annual investment plan of the council alongside the tri-annual investment plan from 2018 to 2020 was equally adopted with modifications made. The councillors encouraged the mayor to work hard to realize most of the projects in the AIP with the mayor saying that it’s the level of resources that will determine the realization of projects. Some of the key projects to be carried out by the council includes; the opening of streets/ road within the urban sphere, the donation of water pipes to the Ajume water project, completion of rehabilitation works on the Council Library. Of note is the fact that the mayor has promise each councillor the small money big change approach in development. By this, the council will put at the disposal of each councillor 500,000 FRS TTC to carry out a micro project in their area such as facilitating the implementation of local solutions to the area. This means that the councillor will have to come up with a micro project that will create an impact in the community such as construction of a road culvert, water supply etc.

Apart from the projects the council will sponsor, Batibo Council area will for 2018 receive funding from the public Investment Budget for the following projects

Construction of a block of two classrooms at GS Numben with the supply of 44 benches, two teachers’ tables and chairs, construction of a block of two classrooms at GS Wumugong with the supply of 44 benches, two teachers’’ tables and chairs, supply of fingerlings to the Batibo finishing center, supply of fitting devices to the vulnerable in Batibo, completion of construction works on the Ewoh Community Hall, Construction of a Community Hall in Batibo, completion of construction work at the Gwofon forestry and hunting center, electrification of Tiben Village, electrification of Ashong Village phase one, electrification of the axis guzang – Bessi, water supply system for the Ogeng Kurubei community. Arrears for the supply of medical equipment to IHC Oluronti in Batibo Health District shall equally be paid. For the credits to be managed at the external services, two classrooms shall be constructed at GTC Tiben and also GTC Wumcheck in Bessi.

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