Batibo Council 2018 Administrative Accounts Adopted

The 2018 Administrative, management and stores accounts of Batibo Council have been adopted. The Accounts were adopted in a session held recently and chaired by the mayor Tanjoh Fridrick in the presence of the SDO for Momo Division.

Presenting the accounts to the councilors, the mayor said the council had found itself in a difficult situation staying afloat in 2018. Collection of local revenue stopped in July 2018 and few projects were executed till completion. The council succeeded to only open streets within the urban town sphere and rehabilitated roads in the Nyaneck Zone. For the Accounts, the council had a revenue of 322,541,293 FRS and an expenditure of 95,626,139 FRS. The reasons for the low expenditures being that most credits that came from the government were not used.

The SDO for Momo addressing the councillors frowned at the fact that some individuals magnify the situation on ground in Batibo saying at the end of the crisis, no village will have the price for killing the most or for causing the highest destruction. He cautioned against individuals who go around fanning the situation and that any community that refuses to educate its children shall remain an illiterate community. School resumption he said, should be on the lips of the councillors. In all he said working together, they will achieve more. He then concluded by saying that he was waiting for the accounts to be validated by him while asking councillors that stay out of their constituency to return.

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