Councillors of the Batibo Council have adopted the 2017 Adminstrative Accounts that stands at 468 510 467 frs in revenue and 309 461 155frs in expenditure. The accounts were adopted on May 18th 2018 in a council session chaired by the interim Divisional Officer for Batibo Mr Kari Enerst sitting in for the SDO for Momo.

Addressing the Councillors that turned up for the session held the mayor of Batibo Council Tanjoh Fridrick appreciated the Councillors who came to the meeting saying the municipality has found itself at the crossroads of the current crises affecting the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. He told councillors that the council could not carry out any meaning development as the atmosphere didn’t permit. Revenue collection was almost at a Zero as the collection from market tolls was low due to the effects of ghost towns. No global tax was collected as no tax drive exercise was done. No home inspections were done so no money came in for sanitary tax.

For the expenditure much could not be achieved as a low level of execution was witnessed. Government transferred credits such as the construction of IHC Ashong was not financially engaged.

For the projects executed the following were carried out

BIP 2017

Construction of IHC Kuruku, Construction of a block of two classrooms at GNS Efah, Construction of a block of two classrooms at GNS Nyenjei, Construction of a block of two classrooms at GS Nyenjei, construction of a market Hall at Nyenjei, rehabilitation of the Fishing Center Batibo, Supply of benches to GS Nyenjei, supply of teacher table and chairs to GS Nyenjei, supply of small tables and chairs to GNS Efah and Nyenjei, rehabilitation of the Mbunjei – Guzang Market road. All these projects have been carried out at 100%. The construction of IHC Ashong is been affected by the current crises as it was awarded late so it is still at 50%.

The councillors in session while adopting the accounts joined their voices to that of the mayor to echo that a lasting solution be found to the crises that have retarded the development of Batibo Municipality for years to come. It should be noted that the crises has affected most parts of the municipality with persons dispakced.


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