2015/2016 PROJECTS

When Mayor Tanjoh Fridrick took over office in October 2013, his main goal was to desenclaved Batibo and make it accessible by 2016. This goal is being achieved as Numben the only village without a road to the Palace can now boost of a motorable road to the Palace. This is possible with a 4 X 4. This road has been done in three phases with the first face in 2013, 2nd phase in 2014 and the last phase still at the level of opening done early march to April 2016. Critics who fail to know that where there is a will, there is a way had wagged tongues that Numben will never have a road. The project that equally saw the construction of the Gerifer Bridge and a culvert was fully sponsored by Batibo Council.

Provision of street lights at some places has just begun. The Batibo Commercial street can now boost of solar street lights with the Guzang Market Square. In the villages of Numben and Kugwe, solar charging hubs have been installed to reduce the stress of people moving to areas that have electricity just to charge phones.

The Koakom – Kulabei – Angei Road that has never felt the hoe of a grader for the past ten years was rehabilitated in December 2015 / January 2016. This was to facilitate the movement of inhabitants of these areas during the festive period and also allow them feel the impact of inclusive development. The stretch of the road from Angie to Korongwe was equally rehabilitated not forgetting the rehabilitation of the Guzang IHC Road to Ambo that was done using HIMO directives.

In 2016, the training of council workers on effective revenue collection and job description plus leadership skills will go a long way to improve on the overall output and performance of Batibo Council.

In Mbunjei, the rehabilitation of the Ewoh water catchment and the construction of a stand tap has provided a source of good drinking water to these people who have always had water crises. This goes same for the people of Ofen Tiben whose catchment and a storage tank have been built.

in 2015, the road from Mbengok through Umon to Twze was rehabilitated with culverts constructed. This road was done with transferred credits from the government. The Bessi – Toku – Etih road was equally rehabilitated

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